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Thursday Happy Hour Can Score in Less Than Four Seconds

If you didn't see this, you have to. Via: Garnet and Black Attack


Football Related Links:

  • Apparently RichRod liked what he saw from five former walk-ons who didn't quite make the cut earlier this year. Michigan students Zac Baker, John Guerriero, Patrick Collins, Jack Kennedy and Jordan Kovacs (who ran the fastest 40-yard dash at the tryout) were invited to Barwis Beach, and will get their chance to compete for a jersey when spring and fall practice open up.Good luck guys.

[Carolina] Team spokesman Charlie Dayton said today that Trgovac informed Fox and general manager Marty Hurney of his decision at Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala. The move came after the Panthers had offered Trgovac, their defensive coordinator, a contract extension.

Sounds like there are some goings on behind the scenes that haven't quite made it to the surface. Trgovac is the fourth coordinator to leave the panthers since the season ended. He was in his seventh year with the organization.

  • Egads! Football coaches make more than school Presidents! The Shock! The horror! Someone tell the Ann Arbor News they're not getting a pulitzer anytime soon and to stow the Woodward and Bernstein act for a little while. The News has its shorts in a ward over the fact the Athletic Department, which is self funded, paid $6.6 million dollars related to Coach Rodriguez employment this year. The news acknowledges that $4.1 million of that went to the West Virginia buyout clause, but is still flabergasted that his $2.5 million salary is more than the more than half a million earned by school president Mary Sue Coleman.

Guys. We've known this for a while. Unless I'm forgetting something, she hired him! Save your outrage. When you're grasping for quotes from "Kadie Otto, an assistant sport management professor at Western Carolina and president of The Drake Group, a national organization devoted to reforming college athletics" your story has no support and pretty much sucks.

"Pigs can fly. It's a sad commentary on the state of aviation today," said Masingil Whoartic, a graduate assistant in zoology at Northwest Back of Some Guy's House School for Performing Arts in New Zealand. See. I can make up useless quotes too.

Face it, this story has no relevance to anyone who has any positive interest in sports. Which is basically 87% of the populace. Mr. Hueser, I like your basketball coverage. Please get back to it and stop printing crap like this.

Other Basketball Related Links

If the opposing defense packs the lane, shoot the three. If the opposing defense plays pressure man defense, run backdoor cuts. Right now teams are daring Michigan to shoot and its working.

The truth is that Michigan can’t do much more. They are never going to be a team that can pound the ball in the post because they have two scholarship players over 6-foot-7 on the roster. There are two players who have shown any ability to penetrate. The roster issues have been there all year and there is no easy fix.

I think there's a middle ground there. What Michigan isn't doing is shooting a jump shot inside 20 feet. I think there are plenty of options inside the arc to get good shots that have been passed up in favor of the trey. I'm of the opinion that if someone other than DeShawn Sims can demonstrate a shot inside the arc, it'll free up some offense. It's also a lot easier, at least in my experience, to get on a roll with shorter shots, rather than constantly chucking treys. We can be a POT, but I don't think that excludes mid-range jumpers, which unfortunately, Michigan has.