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We Parse Like 'Dat

This is what I would call a "tweener" post - not long enough to merit front page status, but interesting enough to discuss.  An interesting Marcus Hall update after the jump.

Ah, so you followed me in here, huh?

Now I will be the first to admit that I don't follow recruiting nearly as much, or as well, as some others in the blogosphere.  However, I do know about Glenville's Marcus Hall, a top-100-ish offensive linemen who many assume to be an Ohio State lock.  He does have a Michigan offer, and came away from his Michigan visit saying that Michigan was his new leader.  It has since been determined that he was probably pulling a "Campbell" on us and messing with the media and uber-sensitive Ohio State fans (you see why I don't follow this stuff?).

Well, his teammate Mike Edwards recently committed to Tennessee, and had this to say about the big fella:

Edwards said he will try to sway his teammate, offensive lineman Marcus Hall, to UT.

Hall, who’s also considering Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois and Miami, plans to visit UT next weekend.

“I’m going to try to get him to be a Volunteer,” Edwards said.

Many believe Ohio State to be the team to beat for Hall’s services. Edwards doesn’t see it that way.

“A lot of people think that but I think Marcus is going to shock a lot of people,” Edwards said.

Is Hall's recruitment a little more "open" than most think?  Probably not, but if you parse this in just the right way, the door may still be ajar - ever so slightly - for Michigan.

Here's hoping to a shocking signing day regardless of his college of choice, if only because "shocking" probably means "not Ohio State."