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DPS might investigate on-ice incident

Even after the announcement today that Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp are no longer on the Michigan State hockey team, and in Conboy’s case, no longer at the university, tonight The Michigan Daily reports that the U-M Department of Public Safety will review the on-ice incident to determine whether or not to proceed with an investigation.

Spokeswoman Diane Brown said it will come down to intent, which can be hard to determine when dealing with athletics, and that they must determine if a "players’ actions contain elements of a crime, even in an on-ice environment."

I know a few fans out there will be happy and continue urging them to press charges, but don’t count me as one of them.

On a Steve Kampfer health note from the article, the Daily mentions that in addition to the strained neck, Kampfer also suffered a concussion.  He did not practice today, but Red Berenson is hopeful he will be cleared tomorrow.