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Don't Worry Baby, Zack Daddy's Back. And He's Going to Make it All Better.

Quit cryin' baby. Zack's back. I told you I'd be back. I just had to go for a while. But I'm back now and everythin's all right.

Now what's all this nonsense about football? Baby, you're talking giberish. That don't matter now. White Moses is here to part your seas and lead you back to the promised land. That's right baby, we talking postseason. That beautiful place where the streets are paved in diamonds, every car is up on dubs, and they serve lobster with every steak. There are napkins also. That's where I'm takin' you.

So stop your sobbin and fall into Honky Magic's ten foot arms, baby. You know that's where you want to be. When I'm rockin the rim and makin sweet love to the crowd with a fade-away trey, you're not even going to remember what a football looks like.

All you'll remember is that silky white flash as I explode toward a sexy dunk that leaves your legs tremblin. You can see me now, can't you. Arms up above my head, cradling that basketball like I cradle you, poised and ready for the finish.

That's right, baby. Zack Daddy's back. And he's going to make it all better.