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Breaking News in the Notre Dame Coaching Search...

Well it doesn't get much more conclusive than this: at exactly 10:41 this morning a private jet took off from the tarmac near Seattle, WA.  Its destination?  South Bend Regional Airport.  


Trust me, it's real...


The greatest rock, paper, scissors player the world has ever seen... via

Sources close to the situation state that an announcement could come as early as this evening from Notre Dame officials naming Mike DeBord, current Tight Ends coach of the Seattle Seahawks, as the next Fighting Irish head football coach.  This comes as a major relief to Notre Dame fans who just recently had their hopes crushed by the ghosts of Knute Rockne, Amos Alonzo Stagg, and Bear Bryant each stating that they were not, in fact, interested in the opening.  Those denials by the legendary deceased coaches followed on the heels of the Notre Dame fanbase turning away Brian Kelly due to the fact that he simply has won everywhere he's ever coached, which clearly did not line up with AD Jack Swarbrick's requirements for ND's next head coach.  In a play to once again regain the schematic advantage it once clutched so tightly, the Irish have turned to a renowned strategist in DeBord.  Reports indicate that he has already forwarded the new playbook to the ND offense, which while not on par with the tomes of Bill Callahan, does reportedly contain a dizzying array of wide receiver screens to be used in 3rd and long situations.  Rumors that DeBord has already contacted Bob Davie, Brady Hoke, and Carlyle Holiday to become members of his staff are unconfirmed at this time.