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Michigan vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff...

Oh sure, you could probably be excited about watching Cincinnati take on Pittsburgh in the snow or waiting for Alabama and Florida to tussle in Georgia, or even waiting for Nebraska to throw a big ol' wrench into the BCS with their impending victory over Texas tonight (I'm calling it now), but why not take a brief moment out of that busy schedule of big-game-watching-activity to tune in and see if the Michigan men's basketball squad can approach something resembling competence against Arkansas-Pine Bluff this afternoon?  Yes Ark-PB.  The Golden Lions.  No it's not televised.  Though you can actually purchase the live stream of this game over on if you so desire.  Personally I'm not sure that it's worth spending 3 dollars for the privilege, however free audio streaming can be found over at  Me, it'll be a game-time decision 'tween the two.

Other possible topics of discussion?

- Why the good Lord seems to think we haven't had enough suffering over the past three years and has gone ahead and destroyed Vincent Smith's ACL.  

- Why Donovan Warren would be heavily leaning towards anything other than preparing for his senior season... oh sure, uncapped year and all, but does he actually have any leverage to command the amount of money that would make such a move worthwhile?  Donovan should do himself a favor and call Ernest Shazor and have a nice long chat.  I won't for one moment say that we'll be in good position without our best corner should he leave, but we will at least have the luxury of depth and competition, something that we have had very little of at the position so far.  Hey look over there, a half-full container of liquid!  If Warren leaves would we be unable to move Kovacs up to LB?  Hmmm.... this probably deserves it's own space later on doesn't it?

- Our newest commit at safety and all of the fun "rabble rabble rabble" that goes along with such things when there's not much room left in the class.  My standard approach?  I tend to lean towards the idea that Rodriguez and company happen to have an idea of what they're doing.  How did coaches ever recruit before star ratings anyways?  First and foremost, I'm thrilled we're recruiting a guy to the safety spot who, guess what, actually plays safety!  Hooray!  Welcome to the team Mr. Vinopal, congratulations, best of luck, and Go Blue!

- Big 10 in the bowl games, do you care, does it matter?  I'm going to go with "no" and "somewhat".