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This is a Horrifically Bad Idea

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Update:  Just to prove that the NCAA rules committee isn't completely full of garbage, this was approved:

The committee also approved a provision allowing both teams to wear colored jerseys in games when there is a clear contrast in color and only if both teams agrees. The agreement is also subject to conference approval.

If there is not an agreement, the visiting team would wear white jerseys.

Now UCLA and USC can play their games with the full allotment of timeouts.  It will be interesting to see how far this goes:  Will we be seeing a "home vs. home" Michigan vs. Ohio State game in the future?  I don't get too excited about uniforms and fan-fiction, but I think the idea of blue vs. red would be pretty sweet.


This is a really, really bad idea.

The committee wants to gauge support among coaches. If the rule was eventually changed, players who begin taunting opponents before reaching the end zone could have those touchdowns called back.

This is why it's a really, really bad idea.

Thus further removing color and flair from the game, allowing nannying referees like Ron Cherry to exercise further sway over the course of the game, and emphasizing an outdated notion of sportsmanship that, as far as we can tell, has its roots in a deep hatred of fun or anything interesting. Oh, and we forgot one thing: MAY ACTUALLY AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF FUCKING GAMES MORE DRAMATICALLY THAN RULES ALREADY DO.

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