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Steven Threet Transferring? Rumor Mill Churns and Churns.

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According to Detroit Area radio stations Michigan Quarterback Steven Threet is rumored to be in the process of transferring. Rumors out of Detroit and Ann Arbor have Threet transferring to an as yet unknown I-AA school to avoid losing a year due to transfer restrictions. None of this is confirmed, but there is a link to the rumor via College Football Fantasy Football.

Personally, I'm hoping this is all smoke coming from the talk shows. Threet has a pretty good chance to start next season, even with Forcier's early enrollment. I'm also a big fan of his arm strength and poise. I think Michigan's a better team, right now anyway, with him in the fold.

But I was wrong about him being the game one starter last year, and saw the not-ready-for-high-school-ball Nick Sheridan get the starting nod more times than I care to think about. Threet's got straight line speed, but I don't think he signed on to take the pounding he took last year.

Business wise, a Threet transfer makes a lot of sense for the redshirt sophomore. For Michigan, losing an experience quarterback, fragile or not, would hurt. That's putting a lot of pressure on Forcier or Denard Robinson to take the reigns of the offense early.

That said, he's gotta do what's best for him. I wish him luck with his decision, if there's actually one to make and this is not just off-season boredom getting the best of the Ann Arbor/Detroit media.

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