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Steven Threet Granted Release by Michigan, Will Transfer to Parts Unknown

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"He's leaving and he has no idea where he's going," Threet's father Jewel, said today.

Far be it for me to comment of the decision of another man, or the intentions behind it, but, um.... What?

As reported around the print media and all over the interwebs, Michigan Quarterback, ney, former Michigan Quarterback, Steven Threet will transfer from the University of Michigan. The transfer marks the second transfer of Threet's collegiate career and has us at Maize n Brew shaking our heads. With a full season under his belt and 8 career starts to his credit Threet was the odds on favorite to start this coming season. Instead, Steven will look for other opportunities to be a starting quarterback at the college level.

Unfortunately for Threet his options are limited. Because he burned his redshirt during his intitial transfer to Michigan, he won't be able to transfer to another Bowl Subdivision school without losing a year to transfer restrictions. As a result it's likely Threet will move down to D-1AA in an effort to avoid losing a season of playing time.

While we at Maize n Brew respect Steven's decision to transfer and wish him the best in his future endevours, we're a little perplexed by his decisions. Watching Threet play this year, he's not really that bad a fit for the offense. He's got a live arm and decent speed for a gigantic honky. While he's not a prototypical "spread" quarterback, I can really name only protoytpical spread quarterback in college football. I'll give you a hint. His last name is Pryor. So if you're running the spread, chances are you're imporvising a tad with a quarterback that is spread deficient in some manner or another.

But what struck me is that Threet's deficiencies in the spread were the same deficiencies he'll have in any offense: Overthrows; staring down receivers; bad reads; muffing the throw; etc. It's not like Threet did anything this year that made you say, "Dang, if only he was in a different offense."

There's always the physical punishment argument, but I'm not buying that either. Threet did get banged up this season. He suffered a nasty concussion against Purdue, battled elbow problems the whole season, and finished the year on the shelf with a separated shoulder. Sure his 6' 6" frame took a pounding this year, but Lord knows it wasn't anything on par with what Jimmy Clausen took two years ago at Notre Dame. There's no comparison. How Clausen can eat in any other manner than via feeding tube is a mystery to me. And that was in a "pro-style" offense with a line that was ten times worse than Michigan's this year. I don't care what style you play, you're gonna get popped.

No one will argue Threet had a rough year and that he's facing a pair of incoming quarterbacks that are, on paper, better suited to this offense than he is. But competition is what makes you better. It was my hope that these freshmen would push Threet to be the quarterback he has the talent to become. Instead, Threet will start over, again, and those incoming freshmen will push themselves to get ready for the opening kickoff.