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Tuesday Happy Hour Is Going Full Contact

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Mark Mitera Will Crush You, Soon - Despite shredding his knee in the season opener, pre-season all american candidate defensemen Mark Mitera is not only skating, he's hitting again. Mitera has been cleared by team doctors to skate full contact and will be back skating in full practice with the team starting today.

Mitera could have been on the ice sooner, but had a minor set back during his recovery. Rumor has it while completing rehabilitation on his knee, Mitera donated both kidneys  to assist accident victims. As a result, he need an extra three weeks to regrow his kidneys before resuming contact drills. What can you say. The man just gives his all.

Mitera will sit out this weekend's matchup with Ohio State. Also, it's been an up and down year for Scooter Vaughan. Yost Built has your recruiting roundup for the icers.

Note of unexplicable awesomeness: You can meet Gordie Howe before the 2/28 Ferris State game. HT: MVictors. Someone, I'm begging you, pick me up an autograph on a puck. The man is a god.

Football Related links:

Charlie Weis will be calling the plays next year. Either Genius Undefeated Wooo Echoes Championship or firing. Enjoy the flames everyone.

Michigan Athletic Department still bathing in Gold Bullion - And as an added bonus, the athletic department figures reveal that 84% of Michigan student athletes are graduating. When you compare this to the overall graduation rate of 88%, that's pretty cool, and places second in the Big Ten for overall graduation rates. It's also a HUGE increase from 2000, when the numbers were a staggeringly bad 68%. For all the haterade dumped on the football program by the Ann Arbor News' "series" on academics, the football team is third in the Big Ten for graduation rates.

While the Athletic deparmtent is still awash in cash, the economic downturn is becoming a harsh reality that will finally hit the department within the next year or so, according to Martin. Still, Michigan athletics are sitting pretty, financially for the time being. And just as an FYI, Georgia's athletic department just posted a $20 Million profit. It ain't just us.

So What Happend to the Basketball Coverage, Jackass? - No excuses. I just got buried. Thankfully, SCM and Beauford Picked up the slack. We'll have a Q & A with the Varmint Cong (The Daily Gopher) up tomorrow, and a Gopher preview on Thursday. Life will eventually copperate again.

I will say this about the basketball team. No one is moving under the basket. It's driving me nuts. Michigan appears to be at it's best when it's players are rotating through, running under and setting screens under the basket to creat space. For long stretches during the Northwestern game Michigan sat around on the top of the key, picking its nose and waiting for a defender to fall down in order to get an open shot. Conversely, when the players paid the price to set those low screens, make that extra run, and move around more than three feet, all of a sudden the offense clicked.

I know it takes a lot of energy to do this, but it's where the team is most effective. I'm praying we do more of it to a vulernable Varmint Cong on Thursday.

Other Roundball News:

UM Hoops has your recruiting round up. We've got a pretty good class people. recognize. I pilfered these links from UM Hoops, Tuesday Link Roundup, go there first before you follow these cool links: death of the mid-major bids for 2009 and an explanation of the 1-3-1.

Overdue Welcomes:

If you've been following the site for any period of time, you know the contributions that Beauford, SCM and MHNet have been putting in. Let me just say these guys are the cat's pajamas, the shiznit, the bomb. They have, as the french say, a certain.... I don't know what.

With work and family, there's no way I could keep doing this if it wasn't for their help.

Also worthy of a massive thank you is formerlyanonymous for his incredibly detailed, yet easy to read baseball previews. You, sir, are an officer and a gentleman.

Other people to give shout outs to:


Hail to the Orange - SBN finally has an Illini blog. You know 's work from Paint the Town Orange, and we've stolen him. Enjoy his fine, Illini dementia.

The Seventh Floor Blog - If you're an EDSBS fan, this blog sends chills down your spine in a manner you're not quite sure is healthy. lt.winslowBlack Heart Gold Pants

For those of you looking for a new message board on the Big Ten, check out the newly minted JB's just getting off the ground there, and definitely worth a trip over to check out.

Not Just Another Michigan Blog, a really good one. Check out When Carcajous Attack, a fledgeling Michigan site pouring out killer content. Great write up on the post Threet options.