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Michigan Hockey to Play Wisconsin in Camp Randall Stadium

Words cannot express just how happy this makes me. Maize n Tailgate will be in full effect.

The details:

Game: The University of Michigan Wolverines v. The University of Wiscosin Badgers
Location: Camp Randall Stadium 80,321
Date: February 6, 2010.
Tailgate: 10am on, baby. Snowsuit up! It's going to be cooooooooooooooolllldddddd.


I can't wait for this. Tickets are reportedly going to be $15 a piece.

If this goes off without a hitch, the 80,000 plus capacity will exceed the current outdoor attendance record, by almost 6,000 people. You may remember the current record holder is Michigan State, who played Michigan to a 3-3 tie before 74,544 fans at Spartan Stadium on Oct. 6, 2001.

We'll be freezing our asses off on February 6, 2010. Care to join us?