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DeQuinta Jones gone to Arkansas.  With Pearlie and DeQuinta out, we're thin at DT, which should be mildly worrisome.


Denard Robinson (FL QB,ATH,CB) is in.

Adrian Witty  (FL WR, S) is in and shirtless.

Rumors flying that Stokes is out, but still rumors.



Pearlie Graves to Texas Tech.  One down on the Wish List.



Also in:

Fitzgerald Toussaint (OH RB)

Brendan Gibbons (FL K)

Also Also:  You won't see people like Forcier, Campbell, etc. because they are already enrolled.  For a complete list of already enrolled folks, check out the bolded names in this post.


Look, I know that the big news of the day is going to be LOI's and faxes and last second snake oil and fretting.  As you've probably noticed, things have been really busy in non-blogging life, and I still don't have the time to make today what it deserves to be.  As such, please check mgoblog or varsity blue for your up to the second updates.

I will likely be posting throughout the day when I hear that LOI's are in.  So far:

Justin Turner (OH DB) is in.

Teric Jones (MI RB) is in.

Michael Scholfield (IL OL) is in.

Isaiah Bell (OH LB) is in.

Quinton Washington (SC OL) is in.

All these are as expected, with the exception of Washington who, like, whoa.  Nearly everyone thought he was a South Carolina guy.  He committed yesterday, and his LOI is in.

Big time decision guys we're still waiting on:

Je'ron Stokes

Denard Robinson

Adrian Witty

Pearlie Graves

DeQuinta Jones

Graves and Jones have been committed verbally, but we're waiting on the actual LOI, and there has been some smoke about decommitting, etc.

I'll be updating throughout the day, but probably not much in the way of analysis until tomorrow.