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CiL Liveblog for the Iowa Game with BHGP

Being as our liveblogs haven't been the sole reason for Michigan losses, nor have they threatened any cricket teams (yet!) we'll be having one today at 2:00 PM for the first round game of the BTT against Iowa.


Good, because you can help.

Cover it Live is pretty nifty, but it still requires that people sit at their computers and actually approve comments as they come in.  Normally, we auto-approve everybody we can until we hit the CiL established limit, then we have to approve.  The issue here is that the game is at 2:30 PM, and uh, we all have jobs...

HawkeyeState from Black Heart Gold Pants will be around to moderate, but we need some additional "producers."

1 person to give semi-regular scoring updates for those who can't watch at work

1 person to help moderate comments

Please send an email to theonlygamethatmatters at the gmail variety if you can do either, and Dave or I will get you set up.  As I alluded to earlier, the boys from BHGP will be joining us, so I expect this liveblog to be a lot of poop and dick jokes fun.