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Breath, Breath In the Air

Holy Hell, they made us wait, didn't they?  I mean, I saw Minnesota get in...then I saw Wisconsin get in...and I thought "there's no way they'd choose Penn State, right?" 

Except I was on a JetBlue flight, and the dude next to me didn't seem to be the sort who would be patient with me jittering and chatting to myself during the commercial break, especially being that he seemed fairly engrossed in Men in Black II on TBS. 

Then they announced it, Crisler went crazy, and I saw Stu Douglass on the periphery of the group jump around/dance on the floor just smiling and smiling.  This team isn't supposed to be dancing, and yes, there are probably some mid-majors out there that could just as easily be in the field of 65, but that doesn't matter now.

We're in.  The team scheduled for extermination is Clemson.

Welcome to the dance.  The drought is over.  The players did the work, but the coach put them in this position.

Thank you, Mr. Beilein.