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BasketBlog Poll: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Edition

The top 7 in this poll are almost interchangeable at this point (Kansas provides the "almost").  Yes, I have Memphis ranked #1 because, uh, who else should it be?  They've won 20 in a row, rock a #1 KenPom rank, and everyone else from a power-conference seems hell-bent on losing a head scratcher.  The rest of the poll will probably put me high in the running for "Mr. Numb Existance" but frankly, I don't really care.  At this point in the season, especially with Michigan's hopes riding on mid-major losses and bubble-watch type teams, the top-25 isn't on the forefront.  I'm watching bubble-teams, not teams that are already in.  A few teams of note:  LSU continues to impress me, and their win over Kentucky only furthers the notion that they're the best in the SEC.  The Purdue and Illinois rankings will probably have some of you scratching your head, but they have the same record, and Purdue rocks a #15 KenPom compared to Illinois at 23.  Take a look, at 11 AM this goes final.


Rank Team Delta
1 Memphis 2
2 North Carolina
3 Connecticut 2
4 Oklahoma
5 Kansas 2
6 Pittsburgh 5
7 Louisville 1
8 Duke
9 Missouri
10 Michigan St.
11 Marquette
12 Wake Forest 3
13 Villanova 1
14 Clemson 1
15 Arizona St. 3
16 Louisiana St. 4
17 Butler 1
18 Xavier
19 Gonzaga
20 Purdue 4
22 Washington 1
23 Illinois 6
24 Utah
25 Texas 3
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#24), Florida St. (#25).