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Paulus at Michigan, Now With Legs!

He's claiming a scholorship offer.  Wow.  I really didn't see this happening.

However, it apparently is, and it's important to note some things.

1)  Michigan has an open scholorship for this year.  It does not hurt, in any way, to give Paulus a scholorship.

2)  Paulus is, by eligibility rules, a "one-and-done."  His scholorship does not affect next year's count in any way.

Ok, so Paulus comes to town to compete for quarterback.  I can't think of a way this hurts us.  First of all, it uses a scholorship for this year that was going to go to waste.  Secondly, it adds depth - no matter how bad he turns out to be - at a position of need.  Even if he rides the pine all year, it doesn't hurt us in any way, and I'm quite certain that he's going to be comparable to what Sheridan gives us. 

I guess I'm just not too worked up about this.  I still think he comes in, uses the facilities, coaches, and experience to get back into "football" shape, and sees if there are any legs to a NFL career.  Nothing more.  And since it doesn't hurt us, why the hell not?  If he turns out to be great (highly doubtful) and starts (equally doubtful), then what have we lost? 


So what's the big deal?