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Your Paulus Update

UPDATE:  These quotes are from TATE Forcier.  There are several from Jason as well if you go here.


The Game - which is the Michigan Daily's sports blog - is now sporting a nice little transcript of Forcier's take on the Paulus rumors.  Among the choicest of cuts:

From what I’ve heard, I’ve been talking to coaches all morning, my position coach, Coach (Rod) Smith, he told me specifically that they have not offered him.

From what I’ve heard, he hasn’t been offered anything yet, he hasn’t accepted anything yet.

I’m not worried about it, a kid like that was good in high school, but it’s nearly impossible to come back to this level and play. It might be possible, but not in the QB position. You have to know too much. You have to know the speed of the game.

It ain’t going to happen. I talked to (Michigan) Coach (Rich) Rod(riguez) and he said (Paulus) doesn’t know if he wants to play football or be a basketball coach at Duke or coach football. He doesn’t know yet. I might not be getting the whole story from my coaches, but there’s no final word.

That's alledgedly from the mouth of Forcier, and I feel stupid typic "alledgedly" but this whole thing started out as an April fool's joke 15 days too late, so who the hell knows.