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The Time of the Dead

As our comrades over at the WLA recently pointed out, we have "passed the day marking the furthest point from a football game of either the previous or next season." What this means for all of us is that while the pin prick light at the end of this horrid non-football tunnel will grow brighter with each passing day, it's still a long goddamn time before anything meaningful is going to happen that affects Michigan Football.

A. Long. Goddamn. time.

In the interim, we'll do our best to keep you entertained. I recently attended the NCAA Hockey Frozen Four in DC and am penning a piece on the experience (what I remember of it anyway). Beauford and I will get back to previewing the Big Ten and taking a hard look at Michigan's 2009 schedule which, jeezus, looks pretty manageable. Beauford will continue to point out the absurity of the news media and BCS. SCM will chime in with some retrospectives and throw in a preview here and there.

But mostly, like you, we're grasping at straws to fill the days in some form of manageable schedule.

So we'll pick a blog fight here and there (we're looking at you Lake the Posts - [you know what you did, well, maybe you don't, actually we don't either, but you're going down hombre]). Get back to talking about drinking large amounts of beer and the locations we've blacked out in only to wind up in a dumpster/freezer in Belize/Michael Jackson's house. Renew the tailgate discussion, because you have to tailgate to truly enjoy football as a spectator. And generally come up with a few absurd ways to stave off the daily boredom that is life as a football fanatic without football.

Over the next few weeks/months we'll try to get something up everyday, but we can't vouch for its validity, fitness for print, or that it in any way will contribute to society. In fact, 90% of it will probably make you a dumber person. But that's how we roll. If you're looking for recruiting information, our homies at Varsity Blue, MGoBlog, and UMHoops have you covered. We're out of that business, mostly because we don't have the time or interest to do it right, and even if we did those guys are better at it than we are. Unless an incredibly funny name or some dude who can bench press a bulldozer and shows a propensity for setting things on fire shows interest in Michigan, we're not going to pay a lot of attention to it. (petty arson + recruiting = always funny).

That's the deal. Stock up on water and canned goods. Pick up NCAA 09 for your entertainment system of choice. Go outside from time to time and get some sun you pasty bastards. We'll do what we can here.