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Okay folks, there's really nothing going on. So what better time to start plugging the site to those of you foolish enough to click here every morning once a week month year. Believe it or not, Maize n Brew has managed to get over its Carr-ian fear of change and technology. And in an effort to embrace your ever shrinking attention span, Maize n Brew is now on Facebook and Twitter. Technology. Woo! We're still figuring this rap game out, so there will be plenty of hurdles and mistakes on the Twitters and Facebooks. Fact is, we're not that smart. So give us some time.

Now, if you've got some time and feel like "following" us on Twitter, it would be most appreciated. You see, there's kind of an inside bet going on amongst the SB Nation blogs to see who can crack 5,000 "followers." Now, I know I'm lucky to get 5,000 readers in a month, so asking you to make fake twitter accounts just to aide in the cause might be a little over the top, but you're welcome to do it. I certainly don't encourage it, but if it floats your boat, you can click here. And here.

We're not gunning for the 5K. Especially when you consider the whores at The Ralphie Report, SB Nation's awesome Colorado blog, are already at 2,700+ followers, and have followed, linked or promised "favors" to half the Twitterverse to pad their numbers. No. We're striving to be the Top Big 11 Ten blog on the SB Nation List. That shouldn't be too hard. Our goat fondling esteemed colleagues at Black Shoe Diaries currently sit first in the Big 11 Ten with a mere 163 Twitter followers. Even so, despite currently sitting in second, at just 70 followers, Maize n Brew has some ground to make up. And don't let our current standings fool you. Those blood sucking communists great guys at Black Heart Gold Pants are right on our heels.

So, we call on you Michigan fans, readers, keepers of the MGoFaith, and our Unicorn Loving Brethren to unite as one and crush our opponents. Especially our recent bowl opponents, in particular those bastards at Burnt Orange Nation, Corn Nation, Conquest Chronicles, and the Alligator Army. Need a reason to hate and join the fight? Um...they all said things about your momma. Oh snap. Hate playa. Hate. If you're looking for positive reasons to follow us, I understand following Maize n Brew on Twitter makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and increases your stamina and, ahem, girth.

Join us! Follow us! Be our Friend! Help us crush the infidel dogs our friends on our network! All glory and honor will be yours for your efforts. (No. Not really. Actually, it will be all ours, but we'll do our best to share.)

Go Blue!

The Maize n Brew Staff

P.S. As an aside, best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday, who suffered a couple of broken ribs and fractures to non-critical portions of his spine last night. Thankfully, it appears he's okay (relatively speaking). Orson's one fo the reasons we (collective intended) got in to this blogging game, so get better blogfather. We're all there with you.