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The New Michigan Football Student T-Shirt for 2009 - Let the Mocking Commence

Oh god. This is horrible.



To quote Reg Dunlop: "Jesus Christ, what a friggin' nightmare..."

While I appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into these things, I'm appalled this is the best we could do. Is this t-shirt a direct reaction to the booing at the Wisconsin game? I really, really hope not. Regardless of which, the "pledge" is flat out stupid. Why not put "I'll only pre-game with tea and biscuits" on there as well. If you're going to put a pledge, make it funny or badass. Don't make it sound like an instruction manual. Further, it's "the shirt." the back should be awesome covered awesome visually. Put something fun on the back. Inspiring. Cool. Call it "The Awakening." Put a photo or drawing of a DT blowing someone up, standing up two lineman and driving them back, or D Warren making a huge hit. Something like that.

Better yet, use Yvgeni's devil-eyed helmet (this thing still gives me goosebumps, but not in a good way):




Or his absolutely awesome:



Yvgeni's photoshops are cool and inspiring. They do what the shirt is supposed to do, instill pride. They don't talk down, they inspire. But "the shirt" for 2009, and the concept behind it are just horrid. The only thing they do is make me not want to buy it.