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Michigan's Mediocre 2010 Schedule Takes Shape: Bowling Green and D1-AA UMass added

This is getting rediculous. I understand Bill Martin's need to fill the Athletic Department coffers with as much money as possible in the event the economy really does go down the tubes, but you've gotta be kidding me.

Michigan announced that Bowling Green and UMass has accepted one-year deals to appear at the Big House for (God, please) a butt whuppin' and a big 'ole payout. As it stands, Michigan's 2010 schedule looks like this:

Sept. 4: Home Opponent TBA

Sept. 11: @ Notre Dame

Sept. 18: Massachusetts (D1-AA)

Sept. 25: Bowling Green

Oct. 2: @ Indiana

Oct. 9: Michigan State

Oct. 16: Iowa (homecoming)

Oct. 30: @ Penn State

Nov. 6: Illinois

Nov. 13: @ Purdue

Nov. 20:  Wisconsin

Nov. 27: @ Ohio State

Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative to the financial responsibilities of the AD to all Michigan athletics. However, this scheduling of D1-AA schools has simply got to end. When schools like Minnesota, Michigan State, Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Cal, UCLA, et al. are scheduling home and homes with one another, why is Michigan avoiding that? National perception be damned, Michigan FANS want to see contests like these. They want to be a part of it. As a fan, I'm tired of us play a non-conference schedule that makes Nebraska's 90's schedules look like Mt. Everest. Michigan looks absolutely shameless when it schedules these AA cupcakes. Especially when one of those AA cupcakes caused the worst case of football indigestion I've ever experienced. Schedule real teams. Bite the bullet and give us something worth watching every couple of years, even if it means sacraficing a home game. At worst you get six of them anyway!

Bill. We're with you. We like the direction you're going with all the various programs. I understand you're biding your time until the Big ten expands the conference schedule. But NO MORE AA TEAMS. If you're looking for a cupcake, there are plenty of D1 schools that will fit the bill. So stop it. Stop it right now. This is embarrassing to the fans and the University.


The Maize n Brew Staff

P.S. With this in mind, PLEASE schedule someone awesome for the September 4, 2010 slot. PLEASE.