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Michigan Men's Golf Moves on to Final Four!

Cinderella Story. Former groundskeeper. About to become the NCAA Champion....

Not quite. Michigan's meteoric rise to the NCAA's golf tournament's final four may be a bit of a surprise, but only to the extent that it happened so quickly. A lot of it has to do with a young man choosing Michigan as a place to make his mark. Not too long ago Lion Kim, one of Michigan's best and highest ranked player was the No. 2 golf prospect coming out of high school. He had scads of offers from the traditional NCAA golf powers, but chose Michigan.  According to the Ann Arbor News:

"My way of thinking for college was that I wanted to go somewhere I could make a difference," Kim said.

And how.

Michigan defeated USC 3-2 in match play this morning/afternoon. As a result they move on to the Final Four, and face No. 7 ranked Texas A&M who just downed No. 2 Arizona State 3-1-1.

Go Blue!