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Monday Happy Hour Looks at Michigan Football Camps, Recruiting, and Other Nonsense

I'm short on time today so our usual roundup of Michigan Football and Michigan Basketball related nonsense will be have to be a little truncated. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Now, here's what's ON TAP:

Michigan Football

Sometimes you can never go home again. I certainly hope that's not the case for Rich and Rita Rodriguez, but more than a year later, we're still getting sob stories about Rich's departure from WVU. I get it that people are still steamed over Rodriguez' departure, but at a certain point you've gotta move on.

Fluff on Michigan Freshman Lineman Taylor Lewan as he gets used to Michigan. Make sure you have a thick coat for the winter Taylor.

Yeah. We're so not getting this guy. - Gholston works hard and humble at MSU camp

Michigan's Summer football camps are kicking off and there are a lot of kids trying to get a look see from the staff. But from the sounds of the article, Michigan is focusing on 2011 and beyond.

Michigan's women's camp also kicked off this past weekend with almost 300 women packing Oosterbann. News attached, Kevin Grady is still with the team, Dan O'Neill is gone, and Kelvin Grady seems to be a fit.  This is basically echoed in the Free Press.

Awesome E-Bay Michigan shwag found by MVictors. - Rah-Rah-Rah Rose Bowl Rout (1902)

Michigan Basketball

John Beilein's Summer Camps in full swing - The 'Beilein Shootout,' where elite teams come in for a one-day event to play against one another on campus, was held over the weekend. Beilein's got his hands full this summer.

Smotrycz smokin' foos in da NYC. Whaddup balla. - UM

Other Michigan Sports

Michigan's Tiffany Ofili, Geena Gall defend their NCAA track titles - University of Michigan seniors Tiffany Ofili and Geena Gall defended their NCAA track titles on Saturday. Ofili won the 100-meter hurdles for the third straight year, and Gall won the 800 run for the second straight year. Ofili's time was 12.96 seconds; Gall's time was 2:00.80. Damn.

Varsity Blue has your roundup on where Michigan players will be in the Baseball Summer Leagues.

Around the Interwebz

The Rose Bowl is moving to ESPN - ESPN announced it will start televising the Rose Bowl in January 2011.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! /sobbing/

Do you have any ideas for how the N.C.A.A. could punish teams and coaches that violate its rules? The Quad Blog at the NYTimes directs us to the Orlando Sentinel's College Football 365 Blog who gives us 12 can't-miss college football penalties.This is a great read. I'm quickly become addicted to this site.

The boys at the Rivalry check their predictions against the media's for the Big Ten's best players.

Sparty NO! SpartyMSU  predicts MSU's 2009 football season. 12-1. They must've been hangin out with Jeff Smoker to get this fried before writing predictions like this. Definitely worth a read.

Two top USC administrators say they can't comment on investigation - Responding to criticism that it has failed to independently investigate or publicly address allegations that led to a probe of its athletic program, USC posted video statements Thursday evening from two top administrators.