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Tuesday Happy: Running Late, Hatin' Andre Ware, and Wondering WTF is up With the Bengals

Wow. It actually is happy hour. Sweet. Let's see whats ON TAP:

Michigan Football:

Kelvin Grady expected to join U-M's football team (Detroit Free Press) - Interesting. After two years out of pads, Kelvin Grady, appears to have traded his gym shoes for football pads and joined the the football team. Honestly, this is a bit of a surprise. With his older brother on the way out the door, and other basketball options awaiting him somewhere else, I thought Grady was good as gone. That said, it's not like Michigan doesn't have a spare scholarship to use on a former 3 star running back? Believe it or not, Kelvin was a decent running back at East Grand Rapids, earning all-state honors at running back while amassing more than 2,000 yards and 28 TDs in 2006.

Andre Ware is a Douchebag - I'm sure you've seen it. Andre Ware said, out loud, that Rich Rod might not beat OSU (Detroit Free Press). Andre Ware can suck it. 

Evaluating the Mechanics of Big Ten Quarterbacks - Tate Forcier - The Rivalry, Esq. - Our homies over at The Rivalry, Esq., take a look at Tate Forcier's throwing motion. Hint. He's not Vince Young. In that respect at least. // Top-5 For 2009: DL - The gold folks at Blue and Gold are running down the top Defensive Linement the Irish will face this year. No.1? Brandon Graham.

Ranking the Big Ten: Brandon Graham, No. 10 - Big Ten - Rittenberg continues counting down the top players in the Big Ten. Brandon Graham checks in a No. 10. I'm a fan of Rittenberg's, but the countdown has been pretty disappointing.

Michigan adds two more to 2010 class (Detroit Free Press) - Michigan adds some non-5'6" wide receivers. Linemen Jordan Paskorz (DE 3 stars) and Christian Pace (C #5 center 3 stars) committed to Michigan in the last two days.

Recruiting link dump  - no commentary, just links.

Christian Pace Goes Blue - More on OH OL Christian Pace (6-3, 260, 5.7) via Varsity Blue.

U-M's Breaston gaining confidence with Cardinals (Detroit Free Press) - Steve Breaston is shining that million dollar smile while Anquan Boldin screws himself. Breaston looks like the No. 2 receiver for the Arizona Cardinals going into the season.

Former Wolverine Leon Hall pleads guilty to reckless driving (The Detroit News) - Okay. I've been to Cincinnati. I like the town. But WTF is up with every Bengal and their mother getting arrested? Even LEON HALL? Are you serious? Dude. You're rich. Call a goddamn cab. In typical Cinci fashion, Hall has to attend a three-day program that deals with how alcohol and drugs affect driving to squirm out of the situation. Seriously. Leon. Call a cab.

Ex-U-M, Lions QB coach Scot Loeffler talks QBs (Detroit Free Press) - Scot Loeffler talks Tim Tebow, Michigan, and Nick Sheridan. Important quote on Sheridan "one day he'll be one heck of a football coach." Please note he did not say "starting quarterback."

Michigan Basketball

Wolverines, Utah to play on Dec. 9 - Big Ten Network - Michigan will travel to Utah for a real out of conference match up on December 9, 2009. Works for me.

Michigan Hockey

Jack Campbell talks gold-medal success - JMFC talks with the Wolverine, declares incoming recruit Jon Merrill the next JMFJ. I can't believe how good the 2010 recruiting class is. It's fucking scary.

Michigan Golf

For Michigan, surprising Final Four run was not a surprise - Not a surprise? Daily on the Men's Golf team.

Texas A&M knocks the Michigan men's golf team from the NCAA Championships - Just a recap. UM Golf team makes Final Four, drops a heartbreaker to the Aggies.

Michigan Softball

Michigan softball team falls 7-5 to Georgia, Season Over - The final run down of the season's last Softball game.

Softball team regroups after World Series exit - Softball returns all but one starter, including five All-Big Ten first-teamers and two All-Americans (freshman Amanda Chidester being the other). Jeezus, this team could be scary.

Michigan Track

Harris sprints to school record (Detroit Free Press) - Adam Harris ran a 10.09 second 100 meter sprint at the NCAA Regional championships in Louisville, Ky, setting a new UM record. Damn.

College Football

Herzlich update: Return to football likely 'out of the question' - This just sucks. Mark Herzlich has basically been told by his doctors that a return to football is likely 'out of the question.' I said it earlier, this kid needs everyone's support regardless of allegiance. Once his cemo is done, doctors will exract a baseball sized lump of bone and tissue from his leg and receovery from treatment and surgery is going to take a long time. Even Herzlich admits "there's also a 30 percent chance I won't be cured."

What do you say to that? Here's what.

Mark, we're all pulling for you and praying for you. You're gonna beat this thing.

Georgia Sports Blog: Kickoff Coverage: 7 Yards that Make a Real Difference - Paul Westerdawg takes a look at the effect the NCAA's infahada on touchbacks is having on the game. A must read.

Reevaluating USC's right to remain silent on Reggie Bush - The good Doctor takes another look at Reggie Bush USC, and how the Trojans are handling the situation. 

A look at the new U of Washington uniforms (Seattle Times Newspaper) - The new Washington uniforms are designed to take away stain of 0-12 record and the smell of Ty Willingham!

College Basketball

Basketball Prospectus | Unfiltered - Jon Gasaway (formerly big ten wonk) on the Kentucky/Gillispie fiasco, if you want to call it that.

Other Stuff Worth Reading

It's hard to say goodbye to David Ortiz - I hate some of the self agrandizing crap Bill Simmons puts out, but when he's on, there's no one better. Simmons article on the demise of David Ortiz is one of the best descriptors of an idol's career hitting that I'm too old brick wall that I've ever read.

NCAA regional baseball: Florida State Seminoles crush Ohio State Buckeyes 37-6 in NCAA baseball - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha