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Monday Happy Hour Gets You Caught Up on All Your Michigan Football and Basketball News

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium at your boring ass desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information and commentary to help you salt away the time.  Want it in 140 words or less, follow us on Twitter! Here's what's ON TAP:

Things you need to read Right Now

When Carcajous Attack takes a fairly in depth look at the 2009 Michigan Wolverine and what we should expect. He's bullish on the offense, and rightflly terrified of the defense. This is one of the best summations of our secondary anyone's put together:

Michigan’s pass defense last year can only be described as abysmal. Michigan’s secondary was frequently torched for big gains and scores throughout the season, despite a veteran crew that included CBs Brandon Harrison and Morgan Trent, Charles Stewart, Donovan Warren and Stevie Brown. There will be a new crew of defensive backs in 2009. Stevie Brown moves to the LB position. Donovan Warren and Boubacar Cissoko will likely man the cornerback spots this fall, while the safety positions may be filled by Troy Woolfolk and Michael Williams. Like the defensive line and linebacking corps, Michigan’s secondary is "wafer thin". One injury could mean big trouble for this unit. It’s a little bit scary when one considers the possibility that Michigan’s 2009 freshmen defensive backs may be the best in the unit. Providing Michigan some measure of nail-biting depth are inexperienced RS freshman Brandon Smith, and true freshmen Vlad Emilien, Adrian Witty and Justin Turner.

Michigan Football

New Commit! Wheee! Hello: Courtney Avery - Yay! A new cornerback! Smart too!

"Optimism by subtraction," man, if that doesn't sum up Michigan's feelings at quarterback and the defensive secondary perfectly. The Good Doctor on being happy about depatures at QB.

Pennsylvania falls to Ohio in Big 33 Classic - In one of the bigger, albeit not as big as it used to be, intrastate high school football matchhups, Ohio edged out a close win over neightboring Pennsylvania. It was the 21st time the neighboring states have met in the Big 33 Classic, and Pennsylvania is holding an 11-10 edge. Why is this important? Because it was loaded with recruits, targets, former targets, and future opponents. The only Michigan Commit to play in the game was future uber-back Fitzgerald Toussaint, who had a 54-yard touchdown reception and a 6-yard touchdown run for the Ohio squad.

Eleven Warrios cam away thinking it was Ohio’s Night at the Big 33 - This game was a big deal to OSU.

Seven Buckeyes were featured in the game, including both starting offensive tackles, four defensive linemen and wide receiver Chris Fields. Sam Longo, the starter for Ohio at left tackle, appeared to best his counterpart on the right side, Marcus Hall according to some reports, while Melvin Fellows and Jonathon Newsome manned the defensive end spots with Corey Linsley and Adam Bellamy put in the heavy work on the interior of the defensive front.

Heisman Pundit ranks Brandaon Graham at the country's No. 8 Defensive end.

TheWolverine's continuing position previews focus on Michigan's Linebackers.

If you've got access to the pay site, Big Ass Recruit and Lineman Torian Wilson talks camping in Ann Arbor.

Tarpley Puts On A Kicking Show in A2 - Kick. Kick it real good.

The Rivalry, Esq., continues counting down the Top 10 SEC-Big Ten Games of the Last Decade. Now up, #2 - Michigan v Alabama, 2000 Orange Bowl.

Michigan Basketball

UM notes that Smotrycz continues to smoke fools. ESPN's non-so-complimentary-begrudging-white-guy-compliment:

The Michigan commit is not that athletic and his game isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Smotrycz, however, produces. He can score at all three levels and has to the tune of 13 points per game. He can also find the open man and has a penchant for coming up with 50/50 balls. He is not a prospect who everyone is going to love, but it is evident why coach John Beilein thinks highly of him.

All your coaches are belong to us. Michigan steals hires Clemson's assistant basketball strength and conditioning coach, Jon Sanderson, to lead the men's and women's basketball programs and Olympic sports at U-M.

Welcome Jon Sanderson - UM Hoops has more on the new S&C coach for the basketball program. Why do all S&C guys, except Barwis, have goatees?

Other Michigan Sports

Your Hockey update from Michigan Hockey Net.

College Football

Ed Orgeron dares you to move, wins - The Orgeron fires up the Tennessee ladies camp. All I can say is, yes. Yes. A Thousand Times YES!

Iowa Legends: A tribute to JR Koch, The Roost. - Hayden Fry's Moustache Ride returns to drop knowledge on you fools.

Nick Saban does not like the recruiting sites.

The Quad Countdown: No. 72 Texas A&M - A&M is in free fall. Gonna be a rough year. But I still say Sherman will get this turned around and have the Aggies battling for the Big XII crown in the next couple of years.

The Rivalry didn't learn from my mistake. They're counting down 80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten. No. 77? Gerald Ford, Center, President, Diplomat, Wolverine, all around badass.

Saban says bring on Notre Dame - Nick Saban will take you on right now. Bare knuckles. Who wants to go? You? You, fat man? Rudy was a pussy. Yeah. You heard me. Bring it to Tuscaloosa, bitches.

Iowa offensive lineman Kyle Calloway was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. That "vehicle" was a moped. Calloway blew a 0.106, which barely flew over the legal limit in Iowa of 0.08. For some reason, Calloway acknowledged to the cops that he drank seven or eight beers. Dude. The DWI is bad enough. But the moped?

College Basketball

The Kevin O'Neill era starts today... and Conquest Chronicles really doesn't know what to say.  Well they kinda have an idea, as CC thinks that in Mike Garrett's eyes Kevin O'Neill was the only viable option.  This is not a good sign, and will only add to the Trojans' hoops related problems. This is a Brian Elerbee type hire.


Congrats to Texas on their dramatic CWS victory. Tie game. Bottom of the ninth... write your own story, baby. Here's the entire bottom of the 9th, of the CWS championship round game.

$19 million in the hole, karmic victim Kosar could use some slings and arrows of his own for a change.

 Bernie Kosar on Bernie Kosar: 'I'm 45 and realize I'm an idiot' - we knew this years ago Bernie.