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Most Improved Offense In The Country? And a Few Things We Don't Understand...

So Phil Steele has predicted a few things about the 2009 Michigan Wolverines ....

"In his simulation of the 2009 season, Michigan had the most improved offense in the country."

Woo!  Wait, even if we improve 50 spots we're still what... 54th?  Oh.

"Michigan is his only Big Ten contender that has to play all of the other six."  


In other news, here's a brief assortment of random questions, feel free to provide me with answers.

1. Why do Purdue fans count to four after a first down?  I get on this soapbox time and again and I have yet to see a satisfying answer.

2. Why doesn't Indiana build a BIGGER drum?  I contest that if that were a true rivalry, the drum-arms-race would have reached an epic level by this time.



3.  Why don't punters use the "coffin corner" anymore?

Eight... I repeat EIGHT minutes on how to properly kick a coffin corner punt on NCAA '09, using cardinal directions nonetheless.

More punting you ask?  SURE!

4.  Why does the collegiate football have the white stripes on it while the NFL ball does not?  






5.  Why?