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Friday Happy Hour Says Good Bye to the King of Pop and Looks at the End of the Michigan Football Summer Camps

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Things You Need to Read Right Now



As you may have heard, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. Say what you want about his personal life, and very, very unfortunate choices, he churned out some damn catchy music. "Don't stop till you get enough," "PYT", "Billy Jean", etc. Thriller is still the coolest video I've ever seen. Orson says good bye to the King of Pop as only Orson can, and NWO pays tribute to Jackson with the Nittany Lion's version of Thriller from this past season.

The Real Price of Freedom - Black Heart Gold Pants
OPS puts on his serious face and pens an excellent op-ed on the death of Ed Thomas, the First and Second Amendments, and the cost of what it really means to be an American citizen. We don't get political here, and this is not meant to stir debate, but regardless of where you stand this is a must read.

Lake the Posts turns two today. Whippersnapper. Get off my damn lawn. Congrats guys. LTP is a daily read for me.

2009 Preseason Consensus - The consensus national top 25 and conference predictions of all the college football preseason magazines, for 2009. Yeah. We're nowhere to be seen.

Michigan Football

Our friends over at Maize & Blue Nation are putting together their Watercooler Guide to 2009 Michigan Football. Here is The Offense Part I and The Offense Part II.

Tailback Kevin Grady expected to return to Wolverines - Grady, the elder, will be back on the team.

Michigan's Football Recruiting Yield Since 2005
When Carcajous Attack! continues it's stellar preseason work. Taking a look at .... It's shocking when you think about it, but Michigan has lost 25 players over the past four years. Damn. Sure there's no guarantee that any of these kids would have, or could have, been a star. But at the least we'd have some depth. Great work by Markus putting this all together.

Michigan vs. WMU Game On ABC: Ready for Some Ridicule - More good stuff from Markus.

The summer camps are over and the Michigan coaching staff will have a little time to catch their breath. Everyone except Barwis, who never really rests. Apparently he hangs from the Schembechler Hall ceiling wrapped in a cocoon of his own wings for twenty minute stretches every couple of days. Otherwise he's in the weight room using titanium sheets to make origami cranes and, surprising, delicate watercolors that give a glimpse into his inner soul. The result? Tate Forcier is up to 190 pounds. He came in at 175.

Michigan Sports Center has some Michigan Football TV Times for you. A lot of late afternoon games. Don't really know how to feel about this. I like having a little extra tailgate time, but that's a lot of time to sit in the sun boozin. September 5 - vs. Western Michigan | 3:30 PM, ABC September 12 - vs. Notre Dame | 3:30 PM, ABC September 19 - vs. Eastern Michigan | 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network October 31 - at Illinois | 3:30 PM, ABC

Lloyd Carr, still awesome. - Carr talks to Petoskey Alumni about missing the sidelines and what he's been up to since retiring.

Michigan Football Recruiting

J.D. Pride Reflects On Michigan, Elite Camp - Pride is Seantrel Henderson's buddy, and apparently a decent QB. No one is sure if he's BCS D1 material yet, but he definitely got a look see at camp ($).

Being Seantrel Henderson - Fluff on the No. 1 recruit in the country. Take what you want from this, but I'm not taking it as an indication he's planning on attending Michigan. Hope he does though.

While he says he will wait until Signing Day to make a decision, he plans to cut his list to ten schools soon. He says Minnesota, Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma and Florida State will make the cut for sure and he also likes Michigan, Iowa, Florida and LSU.

($) HS coach fluff on Courtney Avery's commit.

MSU, U-M have a shot at 'maniac' DL from Cincinnati - Fluff on a big dude DT that Michigan seems to be on the outside looking in on.

Big Ten Football

11 Things I Want To See In the Big 10 During 2009, Part 2 - "#8 - I want RichRod's Spread to succeed spectacularly" - Hell yeah. Seconded.

The Spartans pilfer MI QB Joe Boisture from Boston College. Congratulations. You now have your own 6'6" arm that moves like a coffee table.

College Football

Premature Assessments: Exiting 'rebuilding,' young 'Canes can't be held back - It's no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for Miami. Tha "U", bitches. I don't know why. But ever since I started watching college football seriously Miami was always on the tube. All the antics. Jimmy Johnson's hair. Larry Coker. Erickson. You name it. There was always a swagger that Miami players had that I envied and wished I could emulate as a teen and pre-teen white boy whose physical growth had far exceeded his body's ability to wire neurons to match that growth. I may think that George Teague's catch and strip of Lamar Thomas in the 1993 Sugar Bowl is the greatest play in College Football history, and one I'll watch over and over again, but I was rooting for Miami. So, when the Good Doctor is predicting the 'Canes have the talent and potential to show up in the ACC championship game, that makes me happy. More on Miami's emergence from the fog from the good Doctor.

16 years later, this is still awesome.

Oklahoma makes Bob Stoops a very rich man by Matt Murschel - Oklahoma is revising the contract of Bob Stoops that will look to pay the Sooners football coach close to $5 million in 2011. insert scrooge mcduck vault picture.

 - Scout is slowly releasing their Pre-season State Rankings for the Class of 2010. Here's the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Rankings and the 2010 Illinois Rankings There are a couple of Michigan targets on there, including Javarie Johnson (LB) and Kyle Prater (WR). Just FYI, here's the 2010 Kentucky Rankings.

Smart Football: Urban Meyer Q&A on his offense - Urban Meyer Q&A on his offense

Oregon's new uniforms. - LSU Freek and Orson have a little fun with . My personal favorite is the bubble wrap version.

Voter Certification - Heisman Pundit gives us a ballot. Worth a read.

Mike Leach, Party Pirate - Just go there for the photo. It's priceless.

College Basketball

The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Calipari Taking Flack for "Oversigning" - A Sea Of Blue
More on the Oversigning mess at Kentucky from A Sea of Blue.


Home run a cool debut for U-M's, Cubs' Jake Fox - Former Wolverine Jake Fox hit a home run in the first inning against the Tigers at Comerica Park on Thursday.

LSU 11 - Texas 4: National Champions!  - LSU thumps Texas to take home their 5th CWS title. Congrats guys.