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Monday Happy Hour Gets Its Recruiting Fix

You know, if you were following Maize n Brew on Twitter you'd already know about this stuff. Come on folks, join us on twitter. It's not like you've got work to do!

Michigan Football

Some disappointing news hit the interwebs on Friday. According to MGoBlog Dan O'Neill Has Left The Team.
As a result, our OLine depth takes a hit, sort of. As MGoBlog points out, O'Neill hasn't really lived up to his potential and wasn't threatening for playing time. One of the Mgoblog board posts also had the somewhat saddening hearsay that O'Neill lost his love of the game. No matter what the reason for the decision, I wish the kid luck. He's not the first of us to change our minds as to what we wanted to do with our lives once he hit college.

Kevin Grady's family says he did not violate terms of probation - A little damage control from the Grady family. This is actually welcome news. Kevin's dad is not happy with the accusations that his son did nothing about his probation. "Those are not correct, those accusations are not, that he did not fulfill any of his obligations," Grady Sr. told the radio station. "He had to have it done before his probation was done in July, and Kevin did complete three-fourths of it. Those accusations are not right." I'm kinda relieved the Kevin didn't sit on his thumbs when the court ordered him to do things. While I'm disappointed he didn't finish is requirements, it's a lot better than if he'd just blown them off. That said, dude, when a judge tells you that you have X number of days to do something, you get it done.

Michigan Football Recruiting

Michigan apparently came up short in the Brennan Clay sweepstakes, as Tate Forcier's old backfield mate appears to have committed to Oklahoma. According to the Tulsa World, the four-star running back committed to OU over the weekend.  I'd be concerned about this, but it's still too early in the recruiting process, doesn't seem to jibe with what we've been hearing, and hasn't been confirmed independently. All that said, any news of a commitment isn't good, especially when Clay was a high priority target. SBN's Oklahoma site, Crimson And Cream Machine, is fairly excited about the news.

The Big House Blog gives you a quick roundup of the weekend's 2010 recruiting news up including Brennan Clay, UM Commit Devin Gardner, Will Gholston, and Kyle Prater. Apparently Gardner and Prater are making a connection, so Michigan may have some hope for the #1 WR recruit in the 2010 class.

Michigan Basketball

Michigan adds dates to nonconference basketball schedule (via Detroit Free Press) - Dear lord is this season's basketball schedule going to be tough. To tip off the season the Wolverines are part of the 2009 Old Spice Classic in Orlando, November 26-29. The teams committed to the tournament are Alabama, Baylor, Creighton, Florida State, Iona, Marquette and Xavier. Yeah. That'll be easy. Then Michigan hosts Boston College on December 2 in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. A week later, Michigan travels to Salt Lake City to face Utah on Dec. 9. Ten days later, Michigan travels to Kansas for the first of a home-and-home on Dec. 19, with the return visit January 8, 2010 Jan. 8, 2011. Then, Connecticut comes calling on Jan. 17, 2010 to complete the home-and-home that took Michgian to Connecticut last season. Methinks no one will question Michigan's non-conference schedule anymore.

Beileins part of 1st father and son camp (via Detroit Free Press) - Hey dad (sniff).... wanna have a catch?

Good to hear CJ's alive and well. A Q&A with CJ Lee catches us up with the former captain of the Michigan basketball team.

College Football

In The Bleachers Podcast - 2009 Phil Steele Interview - Our friends at In The Bleachers interview Phil Steele and attempt to get the break down of all that Steele-ian information your tiny human brain is unfit to process. Be wary, 24 minutes of Notre Dame talk and only 3 minutes of Big Ten related content. But it's Steele, and while I may think he's gone off his rocker with some of his top 20 picks (cough Notre Dame cough) you can't argue with the man's successful predictions the last few years.

Ohio State's Jim Tressel among coaches to sleep in Saddam's palace (via Detroit Free Press) - So basically he was returning home?

How Good-Looking is Your Head Coach's Sister?: The Moral Case for Abolishing Overtime in College Football - Dawg Sports makes the "moral" case for permitting two teams to duel to a draw. Ah, the off season. Nothing like fee time for Kyle to make obscure references and ague against the conventional wisdom. If he's this verbose in person I have no idea how anyone gets a word in edgewise, ever.

College Basketball

UK Basketball: Every Rose has its Thorn - A Sea Of Blue - Our homies over at A Sea of Blue are dealing with the Calipari/Gillispie/News Circus as best they can. To their credit, they haven't strangled a single MSM reported. Yet. Kudos guys, I would've blown my stack by now with the ridiculous crap that's hit the newspapers and espn over the past two weeks.