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Wednesday Happy Hour is Loaded with Michigan Football Updates

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium at your boring ass desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information and commentary to help you salt away the time.  Want it in 140 words or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can find us on Facebook! Here's what's ON TAP:

Things You Need to Read Right Now


Coach Rod's got the Big Pun look rockin'. I can only pray LSU Freek gives us a little Marky M treatment. via The Detroit News.

Quarterback Achievement Under Rod Smith - WCA takes an indepth look at Michigan Quarterbacks coach Rod Smith. Per usual, Markus continues to rock the knowledge. WCA looks at Smith's success all the way back to 2001 while coaching under Jim Leavitt. Short version: things at Michigan under center look good with Smith in the fold. Stats galore for you numbers people.

Washington State's student newspaper, The Daily Evergreen Online, marks yet another arrest in Pullman with arguably the greatest editorial on arrest problems among student athletes ever. This is full of WIN.

Why you can't just play "assignment football" against the flexbone/triple-option - Smart Football is just awesome. Chris breaks down Paul Johnson's rushing attack in detail.

The Blue-Gray Sky provides us with "The Idiot's Guide to Interacting with Recruits." Words to live by people. Words to live by.

Michigan Football

Gibson expects a better mix - Rivals fluff on secondary coach Tony Gibson. Please, Tony, under no circumstances shift Warren to Safety ever again.

DT Thornton excited over Michigan offer - thank god, a DT with interest. We just covered this yesterday.

GA Corner Darius Robinson likes Michigan - Michigan seems to be in the lead for Georgia Corner , whom I regrettably omitted from my cornerback run down. Robinson's offer list is fairly impressive for a 3*. One concern is that for an Atlanta guy, there isn't a Georgia or Georgia Tech offer.

Along those lines, Heisman Pundit rates the nation's top corners. Donovan Warren checks in at No. 8.

Lloyd Carr, still awesome. - Carr talks to Petoskey Alumni about missing the sidelines and what he's been up to since retiring.

Rich Rodriguez anticipates better second season with U-M - File this under "Duh." Rodriguez sits down with the Detroit News and talks a little 2009/2008 football. Awesome quote? Check.

Q . But there seems to be the perception that Michigan State is taking over the state in recruiting

A . Last I checked, Mike Martin and Will Campbell were playing for Michigan.

Being Seantrel Henderson - Fluff on the No. 1 recruit in the country. Take what you want from this, but I'm not taking it as an indication he's planning on attending Michigan. Hope he does though. While he says he will wait until Signing Day to make a decision, he plans to cut his list to ten schools soon. He says Minnesota, Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma and Florida State will make the cut for sure and he also likes Michigan, Iowa, Florida and LSU.

Picking the Big Ten - Further proof Dennis Dodd is not playing with a full deck. Dodd picks Michigan near the bottom of the Big Ten because the offense sputtered during the spring game. Now, I understand that Michigan's offense is not a well oiled Machine at this point, but when the offense scores five touchdowns with it's first team against the first team defense, the concern generally shifts to the play of the defense!

8. Michigan -- I was at a Michigan scrimmage in April during the Final Four. Granted, you don't learn much from watching a scrimmage but it seemed to me the offense still struggled to move the ball. Rich Rod better hope that the early-enrolling Tate Forcier is the answer at quarterback. There isn't much behind him. The defense should toughen up. A bowl is a possibility but will a 5-7 season be considered progress?

I fail to understand the benchmark being used, Mr. Dodd. Would you suggest the Defense was a disaster had the offense scored on every possession? Would you laud the defense if the offense couldn't move the ball? Or shouldn't you suggest that things looked about even on both sides of the ball? I'm just saying...

Michigan Basketball

Maize Ragin' - Basketball season ticket sales up to 2,076 student season tickets compared to 480 last year.

2009 Michigan Camp Wrap-Up - UM gives you the lowdown on Michigan's summer camps.

D'oh! Incoming recruit Jordan Morgan suffers knee injury. Morgan is scheduled to undergo knee surgery (cartilage repair) and will be out for 4-5 months. Dammit. Morgan was a likely candidate for a redshirt, but this just confirms it.

Zack Gibson isn't invisible. But he's so white he might as well be. I mean, seriously, I can see the man's arteries when he's not wearing a long sleeve t-shirt. (j/k). ($) Fluff on MnB's all-time favorite balla, shot calla.

Michigan Hockey

2009 Michigan Hockey Season Ticket Renewals Arrive. Link included for awesome photo of Yost.

Michigan had a boatload of incoming 2010 recruits in the NHL draft last weekend. Michigan Hockey Net has your total wrap up. Yost Built also takes a look at what happened. MGoBlog is relieved.

Big Ten Football

I hate these guys. Except for Zemek and Jon Miller. They can live. But only click on this if you want to be irritated and read recycled, tired lines about speed and recruiting. 6/25 Roundtable - Why Does The Big 10 Stink?

Part III of the Rivalry, Esq.'s ongoing series 11 Things I Want To See In the Big 10 During 2009. Point of interests? "I want to watch a UM-OSU game where I reasonably believe that Michigan can win." yeah. Me too.

College Football

Screw it. Marky M is in my head

Bistec y tetas, es the fuckin’ mejor
Todd Reesing never lie, know he mannin’ the door
Keep the nacho fountain hot, he know what it for
Dippin titties in the queso, hater know the score–WHAAAATT?
(Sheer genius courtesy Orson and Freek)


Gobbler Country scores an awesome interview Q&A with Virginia Tech play-by-play man Bill Roth.

Team Speed Kills takes a look at what's happened to SEC Quarterbacks going into this season. Of note, Mallett at Arkansas. I don't know how he's going to fair, but he's certainly going to have to work harder for the Hawgs than he ever did at Michigan to be successful.

So st quarterback it's not just us, everyone's screwed. Doctor Saturday takes a look at the viable and not-so-viable quarterbacks around the BCS schools. Kind of amazing to think that there are only two proven, capable quarterbacks in the SEC, two passable ones, and a whole bunch of head scratchers. Hell, the Big Ten has six useful passers. Does this mean Renaissance? I don't think so.

The Good Doctor also has a humble suggestion for college football broadcasters, Give the end zone angle a shot. Co-signed.

Smart Football continues to make us all smarter by previewing Nick Saban's Alabama defense.

When did it become the Bolshevik Championship Series? This is just gift wrapped for the WLA. Da Comrades?

Rivals releases its 2009 Football Recruiting Top 300. Michigan's sadly lacking commits in the top 100, but has plenty in the 101-300 range.


Former Wolverine Jake Fox hit his first MLB home run in the first inning against the Tigers at Comerica Park on Thursday. He's playing for the Cubs.