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Eleven Brews Big Ten Football Podast Welcomes Dr. Saturday and Hawkeye State Tonight at 7pm CST

That's right folks. We got us a college football podcast going on. And it's not just going to be Michigan Football, though that will feature prominently. After talkin' it over with Jason of Eleven Warriors, we decided that there weren't enough uninformed opinions floating around the internet radio ether, so we decided to provide our own. And it won't just be us talking. No sir. Tonight at 7pm CST, knowledge will be dropped on your ignorant asses.We've actually gone out and found smart people to do the talking.

Tonight's inaugural Eleven Brews will feature two outstanding guests.

  • First, Eleven Brews will rap with Doctor Saturday himself, Matt Hinton, about the Big Ten's favorites, best players, and who can unseat OSU/PSU from their seats at the BCS table.
  • Joining us next will be our good buddy Hawkeye State From Black Heart Gold Pants to offer up some fine Iowa related dementia as well as insight into what could be the surprise team in the Big Ten.

So buckle up boys and girls. We're taking this hot rod out for a test drive and we'll be damned if we're brining it home in one piece.

7/15/09 AUDIO UPDATE: Due to a slight recording glitch, the full podcast should be up a little later today. We'll post the direct link in a bit. But if you're only getting 19 seconds, so are we. The problem is being remedied thanks to the good people at Talkshoe. Before I forget, another thank you to our great guests, Matt Hinton and Hawkeye State for joining us last night. That was one hell of a ride.