Wermers Transfers to Ball State

Bumped for obvious reasons - MnB Dave.

Kurt Wermers has announced that he will be leaving the Michigan program to transfer to my alma mater, Ball State University. Like Justin Boren, Wermers decided to bash Michigan football and Rich Rodriguez, saying that he committed to Michigan for the family atmosphere under Lloyd Carr and that Rodriguez was too businesslike. Wermers also said that he didn't get along with new recruits, because they're "not from his crowd."

What is is about our offensive linemen being such babies about why they're transferring? First Boren left and cried about how hard Mike Barwis was working him in the weight room, now Wermers, and I'm sure we can expect a cry-baby article from Dan O'Neill any day now on why he's fleeing from the big, mean Michigan coaches to Western Michigan. As a Cardinals fan, I'm happy that we have a talented player like Wermers coming to our team, but it's disappointing that Wermers couldn't admit the obvious: he was recruited for another style of offense, was buried on the depth chart, and likely to get passed up by the 2010 offensive line recruits.

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