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What Just Happened?

The last few months have been interesting.  For one, I got married to a girl and my lack of posting over that time frame should prove that yes, bloggers do have a life, and sometimes that life interferes with, well, blogging.  The past few months play in my head in much the same way that the characters from "Lost" must have felt while they were skipping through time this past season.  At one point, I'm proposing, then there's a bright light and a bunch of shit I don't remember, and we're fighting over room-gift-bags (the bane of any wedding planning, I assure you), then another bright light and a migrain, and I'm dancing at the reception.  A little bit of time passes, and I'm in Italy wondering what the hell this shiny thing on my finger is (I've discovered that the way I type causes my finger to flex against a ring in such a way that I'm going to have to completely overhaul this thing), and now I'm back.  What just happened? 

I managed to read one post while in Italy, and it had to do with stripes on a football and Indiana building a bigger drum than Purdue.  I laughed out loud, then realized that I hadn't missed much.

It's easy for people as football obsessed as us to wish away the summer to get to a season that passes all too quickly.  We're going to get some Big Ten previews up over the next few weeks/months, which should satiate your thirst, but in the meantime, get outside, go to a lake, and enjoy the summer.  And, just because SBN keeps recommending I put it in a post, enjoy this picture.