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Eleven Brews Big Ten Football Podast Welcomes ESPN's Adam Rittenberg and Black Shoe Diaries Tonight at 7pm CST

It's on again, folks. Jason and I had so much fun last time, we're up for embarrassing ourselves on the airwaves all over again.

Tonight, July 22, 2009, @ 7pm CST, Eleven Brews welcomes ESPN's Adam Rittenbeg and Penn State guru Mike from Black Shoe Diaries.

  • We'll be get Rittenberg to spill the beans about his Big Ten picks, life at the World Wide Leader, and the relationship between the mainstream giants and the little guys like us.
  • The second half of the show will be just as strong. Mike will drop the knowledge on all things Penn State, tell you why Penn State is one of the pre-season favorites to take the Big Ten crown, and explain why we're overblowing that whole offensive line and safety issue.

Here's the link folks:

Copy it. Paste it. Click it. Whatever you have to do to join us for an hour of fun and information, do it. We'll see you tonight.