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It's ALIVE! Eleven Brews Podcast with Adam Rittenberg and Mike Hubbell Ready for a Listen

In case you missed it last night, Jason of Eleven Warriors and I got the Eleven Brews podcast up and running. This time without catastrophic failure! Two awesome guests await your ears.

The audio can be played and downloaded here.

Check out ESPN's Adam Rittenberg on:

  • The Quarterback race at Michigan State
  • Juice Williams and Illinois
  • Blogs and ESPN
  • Iowa's chances to take the Big Ten
  • Corey Wootton
  • and much more.

Mike from Black Shoe Diaries chimed in on:

  • All that damn Joe Paterno retirement talk
  • Penn State's schedule
  • How the offensive line should actually be pretty good
  • Why the secondary scares the beejezus out of him
  • and more.

It was a great show. Hope you guys enjoy.