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Monday Kickoff

Another weekend, another week closer to kick off as we trudge our way through the longest part of the off season.  If you're like us - and I know you are you sick bastards - you're probably sitting at work this morning wondering why, why oh God, did you choose a career path that has you sitting in an office at this ungodly hour.  If you do not have a job or are currently on anything resembling a "summer vacation" I'd like to offer a hearty screw you.  To get you through this morning, I offer the following:

The Good

The good is that Maize n Brew Dave is flying the flag at the Big Ten media days.  He'll update as much as possible, or as much as internet access allows him to.  Follow along on Twitter if you're inclined. 

The Bad

Justin Feagin; dismissed.  This isn't likely to be something that will hurt on the field, but as pointed out in the original article, it does provide those who are inclined to do so more ammo for the "rabble-rabble-Rodriguez" meme.  The offense is something called "violation of team rules" which could mean any number of things.  No formal charges against Feagin yet - at least, none public - so no inclusion into the Fulmer Cup yet.  There are a couple things disappointing about this:

1)  Again, as the original article states, this was/is a Rodriguez recruit among the first to get into any significant trouble.  He is not an inherited Carson Butler.

2)  Feagin committed to Michigan to try to play quarterback at the height of the "will he won't he" Terrelle Pryor mashup.  His response to whether Terrelle's decision would influence his own mindset as to the viability of the QB position, his response amounted to "I ain't scared."  I loved it at the time, and while his dismissal doesn't really hurt on field, it kind of hurts that a player everyone kind of liked gets booted.

3)  Another APR hit.  Sigh.

The Ugly



Half time score: 0-0.  Full time score:  5-0.  This was a young squad the U.S. put out on the field, buy dayyuum.  That's an asswhipping even you, you "they don't score enough" soccer hating fan, can relate to.

Something to talk about

Frequent commenter Jeepnut is going to Iowa and Illinois for a game.  Any recommendations about either place?