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Eleven Brews Big Ten Football Podast Welcomes EDSBS' Orson Swindle and Bucky's 5th Quarter's Adam Hoge Tonight at 7pm CST

We're back, baby. And we're bringing it live.

Tonight, July 29, 2009, @ 7pm CST, Eleven Brews get's its Media Day Frenzy on. It's not just the Big Ten, it's SEC, ACC and Big XII. We'll bring you up to date on all things going on in the Big Ten as well as the world of college football. But to do that we're going to need a little help so we're bringing in the Big Guns:

Tonight we welcome:

  • Spencer Hall (a/k/a: Orson Fucking Swindle) of The Sporting Blog and Every Day Should Be Saturday. Blogger extraordinaire, noted purveyor of comic gold and college footballish related content. We'll get the low down on the SEC and Big XII media days, find out why the hell people keep making a big deal of this SEC v. the Big Ten nonsense, and find out if he's a virgin.
  • Next, we'll torture Adam Hoge, of SBN's outstanding Wisconsin Blog Bucky's 5th Quarter, about the status of the Badgers' pre-season prep. Is Clay the real deal? Is Beilema on the hot seat? What will make or break Wisconsin's season? And which noodle armed white guy will start under center this season.

Want to listen in a 7:00pm CST tonight? Here's the location, amigos.

If you need it:

Copy it. Paste it. Click it. Whatever you have to do to join us for an hour of fun and information, do it. We'll see you tonight.