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A Quick Note, Then Content


Hail to the Victors 2009. Buy it NOW at

Brian Cook is the proprietor of Mgoblog, purveyor of some of the finest Michigan and General What-have-you content here on these internets.  If you have made it here without having stumbled upon Mgoblog first, kudos to you sir, you are the equivelent of an avid Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom player who doesn't know about Tetris.  I'll wait until you come back from

Welcome back.  What was your highscore?  Anyways, every year Cook edits and writes a few articles of a preview book entitled "Hail to the Victors."  This year, I have contributed under my pen-name S. Mastin Jones.  Or is that my real name, and Beauford's my pen name?  You'll never know.

Either way, it's chalk full of really really solid Michigan preview related stuff, all detailed here.  And it's out!  I wrote the Barwis Pr0n which, as Brian mentions, contains quotes about puking.  I really didn't want it to contain quotes about puking, but when players say things to the effect of "in the beginning everyone was puking", well, it becomes hard to avoid. 

You really should buy it because instead of the 3 page preview you get in Lindy's or some other publication, you get 128 pages of 100% Wolverines.

Buy it here.  It will eventually be on Amazon.  It will be on newstands in Michigan.  Real content in this space coming soon.