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Wednesday Happy Hour Looks at Michigan Football Recruiting, Inflates its Ego

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium at your boring ass desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information and commentary to help you salt away the time.  Want it in 140 words or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can find us on Facebook! Here's what's ON TAP:

Things You Need to Read Right Now

Blue and Gold takes a look at The Alleged BCS "Notre Dame Rule".  To quote the piece "Some delusional non-Irish fans think that somehow, someway Notre Dame has a BCS "rule" that bestows preferential treatment. Nothing is further from the truth." Good numbers, things to back up their assertions. Definitely worht a read for any college football fan.

Smart Football on the NFL Offense and how it differs from college. Awesome photo included. Bring Advil, your brain will hurt from the expansion.

Markus over at  When Carcajous Attack! takes a look back at year two of Rodriguez' tenure in Morgantown and how it compares to Michigan Year 2.

Michigan Football

Jeremy Gallon Makes The Grade - Wooooooooo.

2008 Minnesota-Michigan highlights - Last year's win over Minnesota in crystal clear HD.

The Doc is high on the (potential) contributions of Mike Martin and Boubacar Cissoko, naming them to The All-Up-and-Coming Team: Defense.

When Carcajous Attack! on Rodriguez' first quarterback.

A little ($) fluff on Michigan's Defensive Backs.

There were rumors of a Michigan/Georgia open to the 2010 season. Since that looks like it's dead, The Rivalry, Esq. has some other ideas for the Wolverines.

Tony Grimes (CB) sets his Official Visit date for Michigan v. Notre Dame. Seantrel Henderson is apparently still planning a Michigan Official.

Recruitnik Tom Lemming answers Angelique Chengelis questions on the recruiting seasons for Michigan and MSU. Great read and a great interview. Gardner listed at a five star player.

Jay Guy Profile - Texas (HS) Defensive Tackle Jay Guy committed to Cal a while back but intends to take his officials. The Wolverine wouldn't mention it if Michigan wasn't mentioned in the story ($).

Michigan Courting Terry Talbott - More news on another DT. Michigan is going hard after Terry Talbot, one of the nations better, uncommitted DTs.

Senator Stuart Smalley's Daily Self-Affirmation

It's been a pretty good start to July here at Maize n Brew. How so? Well, I'm glad you asked.

First, Orson Swindle at Everyday Should Be Satruday had this to say about our Colverfieldtron Proposal:

YOUR AMERICAN CLASSIC OF THE MORNING: Maize and Brew Dave’s simply stunning appeal for a Cloverfieldtron for Michigan stadium. Quality runs in thick seams throughout the soil of this piece, but the term "free-range nerds" may be seared into our brain for all eternity now.

Such praise is usually reserved for a harshly mocking tone from Mrs. Brew, Bixel or SCM. But to receive it in print without the accompanying frying pan launched at your head is most welcome. A million hundred cocktails to you, Mr. Swindle. Your check is in the mail.

Just yesterday, our good buddy Joel from Rocky Top Talk, threw us a link from his side gig with Doctor Saturday.

But the icing on the diabetic coma inducing sweetness that has been our start to July was a hat tip from a small, maybe-you've-heard-of-it, newspaper out of New York City. Paul Myerberg put together an outstanding Michigan Preview, and made a little mention of blogs to check out:

For more coverage, every Michigan fan – and any college football fan – should check out, as well as Maize ‘n Brew.

Yeah. That's right. The New York Times. Never in a million years did I think anything I did would see Times' print or media without the word "Defendant" or phrase "the unknown deceased has been identified as..." immediately preceding my name. A moment, please, for my ever expanding ego....

College Football

Jewel Hampton injured? - Hampton reportedly suffered a knee injury during non-contact drills. Non-contact. What a way to hurt yourself, especially in football. Not dodging a lineman, or taking a wicked hit from a safety. This could mean bad things for the Hawkeyes come fall.

Team Speed Kills takes a simplified look at the market forces behind why the BCS doesn't want change. Year2 from Team Speed Kills also recaps the Senate BCS Hearings.

Michigan Basketball

Darius Morris answers questions submitted by UM Hoops readers. Morris is awesome. If Beilein recruits quality people, please make sure you comprehend this, quality people, to this program the sky is the limit.

Penn State, hammered last year for their lack of quality opponents and ultimately kept out of the NCAA Tournament because of it, doesn't have a single 300+ team on its Non-Conference Schedule. Compare this to our non-conference schedule and ask yourself why Michigan is playing so many 300+ RPI teams?


MVictors for iPhone - I hate you now Greg, is so friggin cool.