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Friday Happy Hour Hopes its Mustache for Michigan is Foot Race Friendly

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Mustaches For Michigan - Just glorious. Screw that "All in for Michigan" BS. Grow a 'stache to support the team. As an Irishman I've been trying to grow one for 32 years. Think I'm finally getting some stubble. You can also follow these guys on Facebook.  Do it. For Michigan.



The Daily Gopher celebrates one year of Brewster Blogging. They've also spent a little time blogging about the Varmint Cong in general. Congrats guys.

If Michigan Had USC’s Problems we'd have to decide whether to sit on the beach or start one of our other five star quarterbacks.

MVictors chronicles the trouble the reinstatement of MSU football player Glenn Winston is causing as does MGoBlog, both are excellent reads. The hockey player he beat the hell out of, A.J. Sturges, is not happy about this and issued a statement on Winston's reinstatement. And the statement is not a nice one.

Last October, I was assaulted by Glenn Winston. This was not a fight, or a disagreement. I was in bed in my room and came downstairs after hearing the commotion caused by three cars pulling up filled with screaming and violent people. I was standing in my front yard trying to figure out what was going on when Glenn Winston punched me in the head from the side. I never saw him. I did not have any chance to protect myself at all. Neither did his other victims.

That night, I received a fractured skull, five stitches inside my mouth, and a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the brain. I was not involved in a college fight, as this story is perceived. After having nothing to do with any events that occurred earlier that night, I was attacked in my own house...

Me and the other victims have not received any form of apology from Glenn Winston. Nothing. He has not acknowledged to us in any way the damage he caused. While this fact remains ignored, I cannot allow myself to believe that his debts have been paid, or even understood. While the victims of his actions still recover from what he did, Winston’s obligations have been deemed fulfilled by the football program and athletic department. I think his immediate reinstatement after a shortened jail sentence in my opinion is the wrong decision by our athletic program.

While I hope what happened to me will never happen again, I am afraid the precedent set by this decision will only enable similar incidents in the future. With no formal athletic standards or means to deal with student athletes convicted of a violent crime, this cycle will continue.

Beyond legal and team issues, there is a simple human obligation of respect and character that still remains unfulfilled. Until that occurs, I question what has been learned.

God, I feel for this kid. Please read his statement in it's entirety. We'll have to see if this causes for friction within the MSU athletic department or any kind of buzz in the local press. On the Michigan end? When Mike Milano put Steve Kampfer in the hospital he was thrown off the team. I just can't see how Winston's reinstatement is anything other than bad. This just confirms it:

    P.S. AT 11:30 P.M.: Here's MSU's reaction to Sturges' press release, via associate AD John Lewandowski: "Our reaction is, there is no new information provided in the Sturges statement that wasn’t already taken into consideration before the Winston reinstatement," Lewandowski said. "We’re moving forward and there will be no additional statements on this matter."

Sparty No!

Dr. Saturday provides five loosely related explanations for the curious fall of Wisconsin. One thing that will surprise the hell out of you is just how good Wisconsin played with Joe Stocco under center. They were 31-7 with Stocco as their QB with 3 NYD bowl appearances. Bet you didn't remember that. Also, take a look at the downfall of the Wisconsin defense. It's shocking.

Lake The Posts got it's feathers ruffled by Joe Montana's recent assertion that Notre Dame has to lower its academic standards to compete in modern college football. LTP's not happy when you say you have to be dumb to play football...

Montana’s assumption that Notre Dame must relax academic standards or lower expectations is a joke. This is classic rationalization inherent in an any organization that wants to ignore the true issues that are at stake. Why do we all feel so strongly about this? Well, as Northwestern fans, we live through the exact same challenges.

Cosign, homie.

(Michigan Football Updates and Other News After the Jump!)

Michigan Football

JT Turner was cleared and will begin practice immediately.



Running back Michael Cox (15) takes a handoff from true freshman quarterback Denard Robinson (16). John T. Greilick / The Detroit News via


Is Denard Robinson U-M's fastest player? Dunno, but apparently the title will be determined in a footrace between Denard Robinson and Troy Woolfolk.

Schilling 'really impressed' with U-M's three freshman o-linemen. Per Mark Snyder's Blog, Quinton Washington has made the biggest impression.

"He’s huge, you can’t move him," Schilling said of the player out of South Carolina. "I don’t know (how much) he’s lifting, but you try to push him and he won’t move. He’s one of those guys that’s really heavy-set in the ground and you can’t move him but he can move so that’s a good thing."

Donovan Warren heals, warns U-M doubters that he's comintagetcha.

2009 CFN All-Americans & Top Players at DE - BG got honorable mention:

Brandon Graham, Sr., Michigan

On a very thin and a very questionable Michigan defensive front, the 6-2, 268-pound Graham needs to play like the NFL prospect he’s supposed to be. A freak of nature with all the measurables, he ran a 10.9 100-meter dash in high school, he earned second-team All-Big Ten honors after making 46 tackles, ten sacks, and 20 tackles for loss. His sacks came in bunches, destroying Wisconsin with three and playing well against Michigan State with three sacks. Now he’ll be a marked man as the lone star on the defensive front, so he’ll have to get used to more double and triple teams and will have to be patient. The consistent stats won’t be there, but his presence should make everyone around him better.

Michigan comes in 28th in CFN's 2009 Offensive Unit Rankings.

Marell Evans, Vince Helmuth to Transfer (via Michigan Sports Center) - Linebacker Marell Evans and Defensive Tackle Vince Helmuth are planning on transferring.  No destinations are named, but both kids are leaving with class and dignity. I wish them both success in their future endeavors.

The NYT Quad Blog takes a look at the fallout from the dismissal of Justin Feagin. No new ground contained therein, just equal time between MGoBlog and the Detroit Free Press. The fact that I can write that sentence shows you just how far blogs, especially blogs like Brian's, have come in the last four years. Kudos to the Times for knowing where the actual information comes from.

Michigan Football Recruiting

Delaware running back Jamaal Jackson says he's down to three schools – Michigan, East Carolina and Rutgers. That is the strangest list I've ever seen. I honestly don't know anything about this kid.

4* LB Christian Jones has Michigan in his top six.

Michigan in top group for 3* MD LB Troy Gloster. Yet another guy bailing on a Stanford commit.

Random Michigan Tidbits

Former U-M guard David Merritt's clothing line launches. Good luck Dave.

Yost Built brings us up to speed on incoming recruits Mac Bennett and Chris Brown.

College Football

Dr. Saturday takes a look at Michigan State's Kirk Cousins versus Keith Nichols QB battle and is left shaking his head. I've got no clue who's going to start at this point and neither does he (though the smart money is on Nichols grabbing the reigns eventually).

The BBC has an indepth look, I mean really indepth look, at tOSU's linebackers for 2009.

Eleven Warriors hits up Ohio State Media Days. Various tid bits from Columbus including word that WR Ray Small should be back on the practice field this week.

Penn State OL J.B. Walton leaves program - Walton was slated to be a backup guard this season. Reportedly left the program to concentrate on his grades. Good luck kid.

PSU cornerback A.J. Wallace suspended for the start of the Season - Joe Pa caught him ditching class. That's no-no son.

More Joe Pa Fun curtesy of EDSBS 

"What excites me? Nothing excites me yet," Paterno replied. "I’ll be honest with you: We’re lousy. I have nothing to be excited about right now. "We have too many things we got to get accomplished. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to be a good football team. I’m excited to be alive, that’s all."

Smart Football: How to beat press man coverage - Ever wonder how Mannigham got those great releases off the line or why Michigan had so much trouble last year? It's all here. Chris Brown explains beating bump and run press coverage.

Shtoopin' in a Restaraunt

What’s Next for Rick Pitino? Man. This story is funny and not funny at the same time. Extortion. Baby makin'. Baby... er... not makin'. Hirin'. Firin'. It's like days of our lives. I'm betting Louisville doesn't can him.