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Blogpoll Final Ballot

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Southern Cal
5 Oklahoma
6 Ohio State
7 Penn State
8 Virginia Tech
10 Mississippi
11 California
12 Oklahoma State
13 Georgia Tech
14 Georgia
15 Oregon
16 Iowa
17 Boise State
18 Utah
19 TCU
20 Notre Dame
21 North Carolina
22 Nebraska
23 Miami (Florida)
24 Michigan State


As you can see, there has been some rejiggering of the final 5 or 6 teams.  Having defended my choice for UCLA, I found myself clearly stating that they were just barely hanging on in the I dropped them to 25.  Also, I think I was a bit over zealous on Miami (yes, that Miami) and Michigan State.  Nebraska moves up for now [editor's note: poll done before the dismissal of Castille was known].  I am still not very excited about Kansas, Florida State, or BYU - all of whom still get the boot in my poll. 

Lou Holtz has me all fired up, so I moved ND up a few notches to fill the void left by MSU, Miami, and UCLA.  North Carolina also benefits.  I'm on record as saying ND is going to end up with 9 or 10 wins whether we like it or not. 

Finally, I will make it known right now that any of the mid-majors that are currently ranked are one loss from finding themselves either at the Mr. Irrelevant spot of 25, or dropped altogether. 

The real-life conglomerated poll comes out today at noon ET and can be found here.

[err...make that Wednesday, pending MgoBrian's Malaysian laptop adoption process.  I've said it many times before; Brian is the Brangelina of bloggers. - B2]