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Rich Rodriguez: All three Michigan Quarterbacks "Look Like They’re Going to Play in the Opener."

No. No no. No no no no no nononononono.... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Rich. Please. I'm begging you. Please stop saying things like this:

"In what order and how many, I couldn’t tell you," Rodriguez said. "Right now, all three of [Michigan's Quarterbacks] look like they’re going to play in the opener."

I can't take it. It's killing me. Look. I understand Nick Sheridan put in the work last year. Heck, he probably does have a better grip on the play book than Tate Forcier or Denard Robinson. But you will never be able to convince me that in a game situation he's anything other than completely overmatched rec league player we saw last year. Barwis or otherwise.

My complaint is more execution based. Sheridan has all the breakaway speed of a three legged turtle and the arm strength of a can of peas. He's just not a good fit. Period. Tate and Denard? Both are faster. Hell I'd take Denard's arm right now over Sheridan's because it comes included with his legs. Forcier's got a better arm, better feet and is less likely to get get sacked for a safety. All you have to do is look at the stats, man!

Stats Overview Passing
2008 63 137 613 46.0 4.47 45 2 5 6 81.08


Rich, this happened last year. Sheridan was "better" in practice than Threet. So he (urp...) started. Look at the history, man. It's a mirage. Sheridan is not a starting D1 quarterback. Don't do this to us again. Let the kids play. Sheridan is, at best, an insurance policy. Seriously. In one week of practice, Robinson had touchdown runs of 58, 68 and 72 yards. How many of those has Sheridan chipped in? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say none. I've seen last year's footage, Forcier's arm strength is double Sheridan's, and plus, he's accurate on the run! You were at the Spring game. Don't you remember the 60 yard bomb Tate threw to Stonum? Sheridan's longest completion last year was a 45 yard screen pass.

I know you don't want to tip your hand. I know you've gotta feed some misinformation to our opponents. I get it. But please. At least wink when you say it. Give us some kind of warning. My ticker can't take much more of that.