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SPOILER ALERT: Florida to Edge ND by 168 Points In BCS Title Game

Sorry to ruin the '09 college football season guys, but Lou Holtz has spoken!

Humourous speech aside, this is 8 shades of stupid that should make even the most blatantly idiotic Irish fans blush.

Predictions are just that, predictions, some have some thought put behind them, others have no thought and all heart put behind them.  Some people learn from their poor predictions, others don't.  But this is simply too much for me.  I understand that the mere suggestion of objectivity by almost anyone who discusses college football is nothing more than that, a suggestion...  I also understand that Lou Holtz is an obscene Notre Dame homer, but this?  This is just too much.  Why is it that this man even gets the airtime any more?  How many years has he been on air?  In that time period, has he EVER predicted ND to not win 10 games in a season?  EVER?  I'm dead serious on this.  Oh wait,  the Ghost of College Football past would like to weigh in...



Why what's that you say Ghost of College Football Past?  A little louder?  Oh yes, I do recall him prediciting 11 wins for ND last year... but there's more you say?  No way!  Really?  Ghostly voice says fast forward to 2:50 in the following clip....

They don't rebuild, they RELOAD.... weeeeeeeeeeeee!