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Eleven Brews Big Ten Football Podcast Welcomes The Big Ten Network's David Revsine Tonight at 7pm CST

Tonight, August 4, 2009, @ 7pm CST, Eleven Brews is bringing you so much knowledge you'll need a dump truck to get it all home.  We'll bring you up to date on all things going on in the Big Ten as well as the world of college football. But tonight is a Pre-Camp Blowout, focusing on the entire Big Ten. Top to Bottom. That's right Indiana, you're gettin' some love that doesn't involve the Dunes or a Camaro.

Tonight Eleven Brews is Thrilled to Bring You:

  • Dave Revsine of The Big Ten Network. You all know Revsine from his outstanding work over the last two years as the BTN's lead anchor. In addition he's covered everything in sports for Sportscenter and Outside the Lines. Most importantly, Dave's a Big Ten grad (Northwestern '91), so you know he's passionate about the conference. Dave's going to give us the low down on his up-coming fall practice camp tour, his picks in the Big Ten, and break us down a little sumpin' sumpin' on the season ahead.

Want to listen in at 7:00pm CST tonight? Here's the location, amigos.

If you need it:

Copy it. Paste it. Click it. Whatever you have to do to join us for an hour of fun and information, do it. We'll see you tonight.