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Friday Happy Hour Is 100% Sure, But Wants to Look Around

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm.  Want it in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can find us on Facebook! Here's what's ON TAP:

Stuff to Read Right Now

"I think I'm 100% sure, but I'm going to take visits to make sure I'm sure," Gholston said.


Michigan Football

(more fun and information after the jump....)

Michigan Basketball

College Football

The Capital One Bowl and the Gator Bowl start at the same time on Jan. 1 on different networks. The Capital One Bowl has an agreement that prevents teams from the SEC and Big Ten from playing in other bowls at the same time.

Didn't know that one.