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A Quick Note

In case you haven't noticed, this here blog is affiliated with Sports Blog Nation, which until now has loosely meant - at least to you the reader - that it looked the same as some other blogs.  There is also a ton of behind the scenes stuff that SBN does to drive traffic, but that doesn't matter a whole ton to you the reader.

Well now it should.  Sports Blog Nation has just launched a swank new homepage that rivals any "mainstream" page I've ever visited.  To get the whole run down, check this out.  Add in the addition ( wording there, huh?) of Spencer Orson Swindle Hall, and the College Football community on SBN has indeed gotten "scary good."  The old homepage of SBN just kind of directed you to the various team specific sites, but this new one looks like it'll be culling stories from the membership (read: us) and putting them on the main page, etc.  It's just like ESPN except awesome and real instead of saccharine and plastic.

Anyways, go check it out.  We'll return to our normally scheduled programming shortly.