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Rich Rodriguez on Dan Patrick Show this AM

Will attempt to provide a transcript if possible, if anyone out there actually catches his portion and wants to give their thoughts please feel free to leave em in the comments!

UPDATE: A brief synopsis is provided on Dan Patrick's Site.

Dan asked Rodriguez about the NCAA investigation into Michigan practicing too much. "I'm hoping it will be conclude very quickly," Rodriguez said. "It has been unbelievable to me, to our entire staff and our entire team. It's upset a lot of us.

"We're here and we know what's going on every day. I see them here with smiles on their faces. In the spring time they were calling us to get into the gym. Our young men have made a tremendous commitment and they want to do well."

Rodriguez said he's gotten an incredible amount of support from former players, parents and other coaches


Dan asked Rodriguez if the Wolverines are worthy of being ranked.

"I don't know yet," Rodriguez said. "I think we've played like a top-25 teams in the first two games, but at other times we haven't at all. I'm not sure we're there yet."