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A Picture Story... Donovan Warren's Game Sealing Pick

Few caveats... These are taken with my cell phone, so yeah, quality.  Secondly, the two angles shown on TV were the endzone and the Michigan sideline... we'll go through the endzone angle first and then sideline after the jump.  Thirdly, I am going to look for commentary in the comments, these are just what I saw that made me say they wouldn't overturn the call on the field at the time in the game thread...

First set of images are the end zone angle:  Despite having inside position, the IU receiver clearly DOES NOT have the football to begin with...  Warren does:


As the two guys start going to the ground, well you tell me....


Knee down on next frame...


Clearly Warren has the football at the end of all of this...  



Ok, sideline shots... which are as inconclusive as inconclusive can be....



Who has the football here?


Or here?

That angle is worthless, the end zone angle is certainly more revealing if you ask me...