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Field Goal Aberrancy and Great Moments In Michigan/ND History

Iowa's stunning back to back blocked FGs to get by Northern Iowa brought up a point I hadn't thought about in a long time... that of the kicking team recovering its kick behind the line of scrimmage.  After a few days had passed I remembered why this was familiar...  Remy Hamilton and Michigan at Notre Dame in 1994.  WolverineHistorian provides the footage, watch from the 1:50 mark on:

Notre Dame blocks the kick, which Michigan proceeds to recover behind the line of scrimmage and advance for a first down... not exactly what happened in the Iowa/Northern Iowa game, but not terribly dissimilar either...  The part I was never certain on (until Saturday) was whether or not the ball had to be recovered out of the air, turns out it doesn't apparently.  Oh and feel free to watch Todd Collins and Remy work their magic at the end of this one too.


Edit: Naturally I journey over to MGO just to check things out and the astute commentariat has already referenced this exact moment, so a big HT to commenter Callahan over there for being Johnny On The Spot, comment #14 if you're looking.