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National Broadcast Basketball Pillowfight Liveblog: Michigan vs Indiana


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You know, at one point these two schools played for the national title...  Indiana certainly remembers it well as they ended up winning that game and the crown, oh and that minor detail of capping off an undefeated 1976 season and all.  Not sure if there's a single parallel that can be drawn twixt that day and today, but regardless, the Hoosiers and Wolverines square off in Ann Arbor tonight at 9 pm EST on ESPN.  Michigan looks to split the season series with Indiana after giving away the game in Bloomington thanks to fouls and even more importantly, more "fouls" back on New Year's Eve.  Hopefully we'll get the same "guy-isn't-touched-on-the-drive-but-gets-the-and-one-at-a-back-breaking-juncture-in-the-game" call that IU received on their home floor, but I digress.

To say that this is a must win belies some kind of hope for this team's post-season chances, and I just can't do that.  BUT after tonight, Michigan rolls into a stretch that features UConn, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Michigan State... yee and ha.