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Maize Pants Big Ten Football Podcast #6: The Big Ten Network's Dave Revsine Knows More About Football Than You

Maize Pants is back! Sorry about the lack of a podcast last week, real life and technical issues combined to shelve last week's broadcast. But don't leave us now, baby, we'll make it up to you.

We promised you two weeks ago that we'd have someone awesome on the show before we headed into the Big Ten conference season. We didn't let you down. Joining us to talk Big Ten Football this week is Dave Revsine of the Big Ten Network. Dave has forgotten more about Big Ten football than you will ever know, in your entire lifetime. He's also an incredibly gracious guest, whom were thrilled was able to join us.

Pat, Dave and I go through the week that was, the week that will be, Tim Brewster (TRY! FIGHT! RESUME! HIRE ME! TREMENDOUS!), the best defensive player in the conference, our picks for the week and the continuing awesomeness of the BHGP charity fund raising. Join us for all the fun. Click on the Link Below. (We're working on getting this on iTunes for all you mobile interwebz users, updates soon).

Maize Pants Episode 6 - Dave Revsine Takes Us Into The Big Ten Conference Season.